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Server Snapshot Backups

Schedule an automatic snapshot backup for your cloud servers and instances. Don't fall victim to data loss and not be able to recovery swiftly. Your server instances are valuable, protect them today with flexible snapshot backups. Setup a backup job and relax, letting us do all the work, with our advanced rotation system we can handle archiving your snapshots for you

Take control of your servers

Flexible Backup Schedules

Having flexible and frequent backups is key to help reduce the effects of data loss. With us you can schedule frequent server snapshots with more control and monitoring, most cloud providers offer backups but they usually don’t offer fine grain control like down to every 10-minute backups or cron-like UI syntax, allowing you to pick a schedule that suits you.

Automatic Snapshot Retention

Server snapshots are great, they offer an easy way to restore your server if you ever need to go back in time or recover your server to a usable state. Snapshot backups are easy to schedule with cloud providers but most don’t offer advanced rotation polices or don’t automatically archive snapshots, we offer you all that and retention polices which can be daily monthly and yearly etc.

Server Disaster Mitigation

Many companies loose access to their data or servers every year due to unforeseen circumstances. We offer a full solution, from server backups to server restore and recovery, we can always assist in recovering from disaster. The first line of defence is making sure you have proper backups and a recovery plan in place, with us that’s all figured out for you.

Superior server snapshots

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Don't see your cloud provider here? - We can always integrate with your preferred server cloud provider, get in contact and we'll sort it

Manage multiple server snapshots with multiple providers, setup an automatic job and always stay protected

Easily connect to your cloud provider using their API

Server snapshot job backup screenshot

Manage server snapshots with rotation polices

It's not practical to keep every snapshot and most cloud providers don't offer an easy or powerful solution to snapshot rotation, our platform allows you to use a cron-like syntax UI to select a backup frequency that suits you. You have control over when your backups launch and can control how many you want to keep, this could be days, weeks, months or years etc.

Snapshot rotation with us saves you time because we do all the scheduling and archiving for you but it also saves you money, there is no point in keeping snapshots that you don’t need anymore. Eliminating the need for any unmanageable scripts.

Securely connect to your cloud provider

Our platform connects to your cloud provider like AWS or Digital Ocean via their approved API system. We use their API services to automatically communicate with your cloud provider. Because these services have already been approved by you (as you chose them) there is no additional worry to how we will connect, you can oversee everything from your cloud provider account, setup roles, restrictions and permissions.

As along as we can do our job, we’ll keep your servers backed up. Our platform takes away the hassle in communicating with multiple cloud providers, not all API services work the same way but we have figured that out for you, our dashboard gives you a centralised place to manage your snapshots.

Simplifying the server snapshot process

Each cloud provider has a different interface, it can get confusing staying up-to-date with their systems, our platform offers a simple to use dashboard, allowing you to manage server snapshots and backups in a centralised place. We keep our UI simple and easy to understand, let us worry about your cloud providers ways of doing things.

Data backups are boring (but essential) and you shouldn’t have to waste your time learning how each cloud provider works, our dashboard makes it simple to work with multiple cloud provider platforms. We take pride in offering a friendly solution, once setup we will automatically make new backups and prune old ones for you, based on your frequency and retention policies.

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Simplify your backup infrastructure without loosing high-standards

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Simple, flexible snapshot backup frequencies

Server snapshot job backup frequency interface

Don't loose access to your server when you don't have to

One dashboard to manage server snapshots

Fast Recovery

Server backups are crucial to prevent data loss but the recovery process is just as important, even though cloud providers allow you to restore from a snapshot, don’t leave yourself in the dark. Our dashboard monitors the whole process from start to finish, tracks errors and has pre and post event triggers. We can also aid you if something goes wrong and get you back online.

Multi Provider Support

Many companies and startups use a numerus amount of software and tools, all on different platforms and cloud providers. We support all the major cloud providers ranging from AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Digital Ocean, you can manage your snapshots and server backups from one dashboard. Don’t bother having to learn multiple interfaces, we bring it all together for you and automate nearly everything for you.


Reduce Costs

Cloud providers offer server snapshot capabilities but they don’t offer advanced retention policies or automation to easily archive server backups you no longer need. From our dashboard you can setup retention policies which will keep your server backups active and relative to what you need, in case of an emergency restore; no wasted snapshots, which means costs are reduced because you don’t pay for that extra backup that isn’t needed.

Data Backup Compliance

Some industries or companies are required to comply with certain data protection laws, it is sometimes necessary to have proper data backups and a vital plan on how you will recover from any data disaster. Laws such as the GDPR, HIPAA, UK DPA, SOX, SOC, FINRA etc. We can help you stay compliant and meet your regulatory obligations, breaches of these laws can be costly and incur legal action if not followed correctly.

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Get setup with a Server Backup Job in minutes


Choose a Provider

Select your cloud provider where you wish to create a server snapshot backup job for, we support many major providers



Create the necessary secret API keys and save them so we can securely automate the whole process, everything is encrypted



Setup your server backup job and configure options for the backup naming format and server identity information etc.


Set a Frequency

Set the frequency which suites your server and how often your data changes, this can easily be changed later


Retention Policy

Configure your server snapshot backup retention and rotation polices, allowing you to keep daily, monthly and yearly backups etc.

One dashboard to manage all your snapshots with multiple cloud providers, let us automate eveerything for you and track any errors

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