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Contact us by good old fashioned email, ask us for support or any questions you may have: hello@bakup.io

Refer to the documentation, we have information on all our services and guides to help you. If you get stuck or need additional help get in touch.

Use our integrated live chat, find it at the bottom right. We'll do our best to respond as quickly as possible but if not, we can always email you back and continue from there.

Automatic data backups without the hassle

Take away the stress, backup any major database, server, and files safely and securely to any location. Use local storage, FTP, S3, Azure Storage, Google Cloud Platform, B2 Cloud Storage etc. You're in control, signup for free and keep your data safe without the hassle.

Triple Replication

Easy Integration

5 minute backup intervals

No SSH Access Required

Geo Redundancy

Backup Monitoring

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Bridge The Gap Between Your Data And Secure Backups

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Unified Solution

Unify your backup infrastructure, backup databases, servers and files from one unified solution. The whole process is simplified and ready to use. Donโ€™t ever worry about how to use complex cloud dashboards like AWS, we have it covered. Be you are following best practices and standards.


Secure Design

Connect your server using our open source, lightweight agent. Our agent does not need to use SSH to access your servers. Enterprise ready for private networks. Keep your database off the internet, block all incoming connections to your server.

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Easy Configuration

Following a simple install, control and monitor everything from your dashboard, configure new backups, change frequency, set retention policies, restore data, adjust backup options. There is no need to learn complicated UIs, you donโ€™t need to understand advanced systems like AWS or Google Cloud.

Master plan

Become a master

Stay in control of your databases, we'll take care of the backup process and take the stress away from backup management, automatically.

We can help keep data safe and in your hands, you choose the location you control, FTP, S3, Dropbox, B2 Cloud etc.

Easily configure

Use a simple web dashboard that is easily accessible, no confusing config files and visually organize all your backups in one place.

Manage retention policies with a few clicks, change backup formats and easily monitor activities. Get alerts if something is wrong.

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Secure operation

Our lightweight agent can be used to orchestrate database, file and server backups.

One simple command to install the agent, then you can manage everything from the web dashboard. Set the agent to update automatically or manual mode, you decide.

Setup triple replication

Achieve super redundancy for your database, files or servers. Never again lose your client's data from poor backup policies and practices.

Multiple locations means your data is safeguarded and has high availability.

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Meet the Founders

Bakup.io co-founder

Luke Embrey

Passionate about server scaling and management, studied Computer Science at university. Has a wide range of industry knowledge with DevOps, infrastructure planning and configuration management. Worked directly in industry for large corporations like Airbus Helicopters in Munich and specialises in automatic server scaling and load balancing.

Bakup.io co-founder

Daniel Share

Focused on security and best practices, studied Computer Science at university and keen on server management and networking. Has proven experience with many cloud platforms and services, from databases, storage solutions and developer tools. Previously worked for AWS in Dublin and specialised in cloud management, customer support solutions and DNS based malware protection.

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Backup any major database, we support MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB. Setup automatic jobs to take care of all backup practices, easily protect new and existing databases from data loss.

๐Ÿš€ Your new backup Infrastructure...

โŒš Backups Are Time Consuming

Focus on your core product and don't worry about secure data backups again. You can never predict data disasters, keep your company and customers safe with a fully managed backup solution.

โœ‹ No IP Access Lists

No need to manage outdated IP access lists, your agent will only connect securely over HTTPS. Block all incoming connections, your agent relies on secure DNS. Keep your network private.

๐Ÿ‘ฎ Secure By Design

Keep your servers private. No extra open ports (or SSH access) means no attack surface for hackers, you don't need to make your servers discoverable on the internet.

๐Ÿ‘ Quick & Easy to Manage

Scalable by design, no need to evaluate your backup infrastructure, just create another backup job, only takes 5 minutes. We scale with you and don't feature lock you.

๐Ÿ˜€ Cost-Effective

Most other platforms feature lock you, forcing you to select a plan you don't need, we only price per job, giving you all the great features at any level. We can also work on custom solutions for enterprise clients.

๐ŸŒŒ Data Recovery in Mind

Losing data can be stressful and its hard to predict when data disasters may happen, you can never be too careful. We've got your back if something goes wrong to get your data restored.

Team goals

The next-generation of companies won't be worrying about backup management.

Don't be the next company that cannot recover from unpredictable data loss.

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More than just database backups...

A managed solution for all backup operations

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File Backups

Backup files on your servers, select any directory or files and automatically backup a project, application, configuration files, forums, blogs, logs. Manage everything from the dashboard. Include or exclude certain files or directories, only backup what you want.


Snapshot Provider Backups

Manage provider snapshots with more control and depth. Configure snapshot backups for AWS EBS, Hetzner Cloud or Digital Ocean. Control backup frequency, retention policies, snapshot restores and monitor snapshots from one dashboard.

Credential management

Secret Management

Easily store credentials securely with a built-in secret manager. Encrypted and managed securely so you can use credentials between many jobs and authenticate with different services, no messy configuration files, just a simple UI.

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Alerts (coming soon)

Never be left in the dark, setup alerts and get notified when something goes wrong, stay in touch with your backups, weโ€™ll let you know when something happens or needs attention. Setup alerts with Email, Slack, SMS and other messaging apps.

Supported Platforms

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