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Database Backups

Automatically backup any major database, stay ahead of data loss, always know you have a recovery strategy. You cannot predict data disasters, protect your databases with a proper solution. Easily setup a database job today and keep your company and user data safe

Always stay protected

Ransomware Protection

Protect databases against ongoing ransomware attacks, hundreds of companies lose data, stay ahead and reduce the effect of ransomware threats with triple replication & geo redundancy.

Data Loss Protection

You cannot predict when data loss may occur, it is important to have secure backups. Databases are important to companies & users, protect your database with high availability & custom retention policies.

Backup Restore Strategy

In an unfortunate event of data loss, you need to be prepared and have a restore strategy to reduce the effect. Having a plan to quickly respond & execute is key to recovering from data loss events.

Supporting major databases

MySQL logo PostgreSQL logo MongoDB logo

Additional databases via demand...

Setup automatic database backup jobs

Database job backup screenshot

Database backups are important!

Ransomware Recovery

Companies across the world are always under threat due to ransomware attacks, they can disrupt and completely halt a company, sometimes even permanently. However, you can easily recover from ransomware attacks in the unfortunately event that you fall victim to one, frequent, geo-redundant, automated backups are key in recovering your databases. With proper backups, you can stop attackers profiting from holding your data ransom.

Data Disasters

Whether it’s environmental or digitally natural disasters come in many shapes and sizes. A business wants to ensure continuity and data loss can be an horrific occurrence for any sized business. Data loss can occur due to disasters like storms, hurricanes, floods or fires etc. Even events like hardware or software malfunctions, human error and cyberthreats. A company must follow best practices to avoid and prevent data loss.


Data Integrity

Integrity is everything, if you don’t have complete data you end up suffering. You can lose data integrity due to ransomware or data disasters, putting a business in a situation where they can only recover a percentage of their data. Most ransomware attacks even when paid don’t always provide complete data in return. Having backups that are triple replicated, frequently automated and geo-redundant is the best strategy for integrity.

Data Backup Compliance

Data protection laws like the GDPR require you to have the ability to restore access to personal data in a timely manner in the event of a physical or technical incident. Businesses are liable for handling user data responsibly and it can be daunting to get backup and disaster recovery strategies in place. Companies can face hefty fines for not correctly safe guarding user data, staying compliant is important.

Don't loose your database when you don't have to

Use advanced database backup frequencies

Database job backup frequency screenshot

How database backups work

No SSH access to servers required, use the secure open source Bakup.io agent

Other Services

Bakup.io & the Agent

We keep your database servers & infrastructure private

Other Insecure Services

Using SSH means you have another security hole in your network, requires ingress access to your server

Forces you to open port 22 for SSH access

Your server must be directly accessible to the internet, less secure, especially for a database server

Increased attack vector and requires outbound connections

Does not work and is not suitable for strict private networks

Bakup.io & the Secure Agent

Only requires outbound access with your firewall, no ingress connections used

Works by using secure HTTPS, quick and flexible

No open admin ports required to operate

Deny all ingress connections to your server, our agent can still work

Works with strict private networks that need extra security

Learn from the experts in the industry

Smart companies care about data backups early on in their business

By Luke Embrey, CEO, Bakup.io

Connect with me on Twitter @luke_embrey

The different types of data loss & data disasters that can affect you

By Daniel Share, CTO, Bakup.io

Connect with me on Twitter @danielashare

Get setup with a Database Backup Job in minutes


Connect a Server

Use our open-source lightweight agent to connect a server, keep your server private, only allow outgoing connections


Configure Database

Enter details and configure a database to backup, everything is done on your server so no data is sent to us, you can include and exclude tables as well


Set a Frequency

Match your data frequency using a cron like UI syntax, easy to configure and change, everything is then managed for you, based on the frequency you set


Storage Providers

Our open-source agent can connect to your chosen storage providers, databases are uploaded from your network, it never reaches us


Retention Policy

Set advanced options like retention policies, we then make sure your data is rotated on all your chosen storage locations, automatically

With our Open-Source Agent , we keep your network private, no direct internet access required

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Database backups are

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