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About Us | Database, file and server backups

Your complete backup platform, for databases, files, servers and more

What is Bakup.io?

Bakup.io is a platform where you can automate a whole range of different tasks relating to data backup systems and backup infrastructure. Here we offer you a software as a service (SaaS) which allows you to integrate your existing systems (databases, servers etc.) and automate backup producers.

We operate very differently compared to many other backup solutions and services, instead of requiring you to open port 22 (or others like 3306) and have your servers exposed to the internet or an open network, we use a lightweight agent (written in C++ and open source) to run on your servers and orchestrate all the backup tasks for you. By using an agent, everything runs more efficiently and operates more robustly as we are not required to stay connected to your server over SSH for example to monitor progress. That’s just a few benefits of our method, the whole Bakup.io platform has many more features and benefits over normal or existing backup solutions.

Who are we?

Started by two co-foundered Luke and Dan, both attending university to study and complete a degree in Computing Science. Passionate about the server management space and developer tools, Bakup.io was started as a way to improve the way people think about good data practices and data protection. It’s a tedious task and we want to make it easier with what we are doing with this platform. Made by developers for developers.

Product Services

  • Database backups for: MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB
  • File backups from servers where our agent software can run
  • Automated backup procedures
  • Advanced frequency backup options
  • Triple replication
  • Secret management for databases, storage systems etc.

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